A Special Message to All our Friends and Fans:

Hi there! Hope everyone is doing well.

To all of you who are curious about what is happening in the future with the band, here it is…….

Not sure how many people know that the band went to school and/or worked together in the animation industry. 

A couple of us started in the late 70’s!…..and early 80’s. We got to know each other, for the most part, either in the animation program at Sheridan College in Oakville, or at Nelvana, a studio in Toronto.

Our work in animation took a few of us all over the world, and shaped the people we were to become. 

By the mid-nineties we found ourselves back in Toronto, and for the most part, fell comfortably back into our old lives and routines.

Once again, either working together, or just……..drinking.

Fast forward to the summer of 2008. 

Having played in many bands over the years with others, (Denis and Steve had been playing together in a number of bands since the late 80’s/early 90’s) a few of us had been threatening for a while to get together and play some music.

Due to Larry’s oddly disturbing resemblance and vocal similarity to Neil Young, we decided to play “all the Neil and nothing but the Neil”, so help us god. 

Which we did.

I don’t think any of us had any grandiose ideas about where we were headed with it, (especially our spouses) but after a summer of practicing we realized we didn’t sound half bad, and when the opportunity to play in front of real human beings arose, we jumped at the chance. 

That was February 3rd 2009, the day the music….for us…..was born.

Thirteen years later and here we are. 

It’s been over two years since we last played together, due of course, to the plaguey situation we all find ourselves in.

We’ve been approached by a few venues to see where we stand re: bookings etc….and we all felt it was time to make a decision about our future.

Sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, the consensus was to “call it a night”, if you will.

We’ve all been soul searching for more than a year about this; and it’s a decision that none of us take lightly, or take any joy in announcing. But it’s what we feel is best for ourselves, and the integrity of the band.

We’d like to thank first of all, Neil Young for the wealth of amazing music, without which, we wouldn’t have been.

Secondly, to all the owners of all the venues, especially Sam Grosso of The Cadillac Lounge, who, without ever seeing or hearing us, gave us a Tuesday residency in April 2009, which turned out to be successful enough to go on to a weekly Wednesday gig for 4+ years! That residency made us the band we are (were).

Finally, thanks to all the sound guys, bar staff, chefs, friends and family, and everyone who came out and helped make it all so damn FUN, we are all so grateful for having had the experience. 

Trudy, Denis, Geordie, Steve & Larry

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